Spat Be a Pickapet Sponsor
for this cat
Entry Date:
Impound #
DLH  Color: black
Male neutered, Older Adult
STRAY, Found by the Salvation Army
Spat, Spat, the neutered black cat, How can you resist a kitty like that? He has silky black fur, and wow, can he purr! And if you're looking for a pair, His best friend Spot is also there, Won't you give them a loving home? DOB 2002 ADOPTION AND SPONSOR DONATIONS help pay for emergency vet bills, shots, worming, spaying/neutering, food, shelter and monthly prevention. Some animals require more money and time from sicknesses or some are unadoptable and need care for life. The Sanctuary needs all the donations an animal is able to bring in as the money is used for ALL the animals to provide the above services. While vet care is provided at reduced rates thanks to generous vets that work with us, it still is expensive!
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