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Pickapet Program

Don't you wish you could take them all home? We at the shelter feel the same way. Many of you have asked how you could help more animals find a home when realistically you cannot take another. For this reason, we created the Pickapet program. There are many ways you can help an animal find a home without adopting it yourself. If you are able to sponsor a pet in any of the following ways, please respond in the space provided. Your support may be all that is needed to send this pet to a happy new home.

1. Would you like to donate all or part of a pet's adoption fee?

2. Would you donate the spay/neuter fee for one of the shelter pets? Some individuals have already committed to a monthly spay/neuter donation. Credit to the individual or organization sponsoring the pet will be listed on our webpage and resident sheets which are posted to a large viewing audience. To participate, simply view all the pets and email or call us with the name or impound number of the pet you would like to sponsor. Be sure and tell us how you would like the credit to read.

For ex: Spay donated in loving memory of "Tiffany" by Bill and Susie Jones of Dillon.

For ex: Spay donated by Bill and Susie of Dillon.

For ex: Spay donated by a Dillon couple.

We will even email you when the pet is adopted and let you know a little about the new home the pet went to, or you may watch our "Adoptions/Reunion" page every day where we feature pictures and follow up stories.

3.Print a copy of the Resident Dog and Resident Cat sheets off the webpage and hang it in your place of work or business or on your favorite bulletin board. Change it weekly to keep it current. Remove previous copies.

4.Donations of cat litter, dog and cat toys, dog treats and chew bones, name brand kitten and puppy food, copy paper,and aluminum cans are always needed and greatly appreciated. We also can use new or good quality used crates of varying sizes suitable for air cargo shipping to accommodate our increase in long distance adoptions thanks to the Internet.

If you would like to become a Pickapet Sponsor to a Shelter pet or communicate any other information about the Pickapet program, please call the shelter at (406) 683-8119 or send an E-Mail to the Pickapet Program Co-Ordinator at bvhdpets@bmt.net