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GWK=Good With Kids, GWD=Good With Dogs, GWC=Good With Cats HB=HouseBroken
DLH=Domestic Long Hair, DMH=Domestic Medium Hair, DSH=Domestic Short Hair
Most strays available after 4 days -- Most owner surrenders available after 24 hours

[Picture] 7/8/2018   [18-0959]   Jensen Bootes
American Short Hair,  orange/white,  Male neutered,  1 Yr  
Being a timid boy, living most of his life in a shelter and only seeing a home for 2 months is sad. Jensen Bo÷tes likes to hunt, stalk, and bird watch. Encourage him with cat gogurts, catnip and temptation treats- YUM! Have a quiet home with a scratch post and don't force your love, he will gain confidence on his own time.
[Picture] 7/8/2018   [18-0945]   Yeti
Maine Coon X,  brown tabby,  Male neutered,  3 Yr  
OWNER TURN IN: I love people! I have a great personality, I have lived with cats, dogs and children! My name is Yeti and I want to be your buddy!
[Picture] 7/8/2018   [18-0937]   Ode
Siamese X,  grey/white,  Male neutered,  5 Mo  
Ode sometimes is hanging out with the kittens being nice, and other times he is tormenting them. He has quite the personality! He likes to find his way on his own and not be packed around.
[Picture] 7/8/2018   [18-0935]   Dutchess
Siamese,  grey/white,  Female spayed,  7 yrs.  
Blue eyes, cross-eyed Dutchess appreciates attention along with affection. She isn't as talkative as Siamese are. She acts cordial towards the kittens and other cats. Very nice, delicate cat.
[Picture] 7/8/2018   [18-0926]   Bishi
American Short Hair,  torbi,  Female spayed,  4 Yr  
ABANDONED: Stevensville - Buck Street
Bishi is a talker and a follower. She enjoys affection on her terms; tip: don't touch her tail. Instead pet her face and neck. Bishi acts like she would greet you after a hard day at work and sleep curled up by your feet. A companion looking for a home.
[Picture] 7/8/2018   [18-0923]   Mitsu
Siamese X,  black with silver hairs,  Female spayed,  1 Yr  
STRAY: Stevensville
Meet Mitsu. She is quiet and a friend to everyone. A perfect day for Mitsu includes bird watching, mouse pouncing, and sleeping. Proceed to spend time with Mitsu.
[Picture] 6/20/2018   [18-0831]   Sheshe
DLH,  black/white,  Female spayed,  2 Yr  
OWNER TURN IN: "Too cool" personality. Sheshe is a fly by the seat kind of girl. She sprawls on the floor quite comfortably. Lived with other cats and kids.
[Picture] 6/19/2018   [18-0911]   Magnus
DLH,  black,  Male neutered,  2 Yr  
STRAY: Victor
If you like to stretch out and relax, Magnus is the companion for you! This sweet boy enjoys his cat naps, but if you wake him, he's receptive to pets and play.
[Picture] 6/19/2018   [18-0897]   Monet
American Short Hair,  torti,  Female spayed,  8 Mo  
STRAY: Hamilton Heights
Monet is very frightened and tries to hide from all the scary people who try to get too close to her. Given time and patience, she may come around and be a nice companion.
[Picture] 6/18/2018   [18-0903]   Bandit
Domestic Medium Hair,  white/black,  Male neutered,  6 yrs.  
OWNER TURN IN: I am a chill guy, not into the social crowd and keeps more to introverted. Soft meow, wary of new adventures but friendly disposition! I see myself shine in a quiet atmosphere!
[Picture] 6/18/2018   [18-0900]   Dali
Mixes,  multi,  both sexes,  kittens  
OWNER TURN IN: We have kittens! All colors, lengths of hairs and adorable faces! Time to shine little ones and find your homes!
[Picture] 6/18/2018   [18-0881]   Betsy
Snowshoe Siamese X,  chocolate point,  Female spayed,  9 yrs.  
OWNER TURN IN: Betsy is oh so playful, affectionate and lazy... She has inner and outer beauty, she has lived with kids and another cat.
[Picture] 5/27/2018   [18-0784]   Cammo
American Short Hair,  torti,  Female spayed,  2 Yr  
You will see Cammo kneading, playing and lounging around waiting for pets! She loves people, some cats, and dogs. Cammo has beautiful markings that you must see!
[Picture] 4/27/2018   [18-0794]   La'Feral
Domestic Long Hair,  orange/white,  Male neutered,  2 Yr  
OWNER TURN IN: If you are looking for a barn cat. This cat needs you!
[Picture] 4/27/2018   [18-0790]   King Kong
American Short Hair,  black/white,  Male neutered,  3 Yr  
STRAY: Darby
If you are looking for a barn cat. This cat needs you!
[Picture] 4/27/2018   [18-0741]   Tinky
Domestic Short Hair,  black/white,  Female spayed,  10 yrs.  
OWNER TURN IN: If you are looking for a barn cat. This cat needs you!
[Picture] 4/27/2018   [18-0729]   Matildah
Persian X,  calico,  Female spayed,  3 Yr  
STRAY: Balsam Root Lane, Victor
Matildah stands out in the room in her own way... quiet, friendly but reserved. Long hair kitties are the best! Matildah may get home and be able to show her true wonderful colors... Will you give her a chance?
4/27/2018   [18-0706]   O'Feral
Domestic Short Hair,  black/white,  Male neutered,  2 Yr  
OWNER TURN IN: If you are looking for a barn cat. This cat needs you!
[Picture] 4/5/2018   [18-0757]   Maddie
American Short Hair,  black torti,  Female spayed,  4 Yr  
OWNER TURN IN: Bonded Trio! Maddie, Buddy and Buster lost the only owner they ever knew. He was an amazing dad that took care of them from the time he found them as kittens. They are very sweet, timid and haven't come out of the blankets. They were used to a quiet, routine driven home. If you have room in your heart for 3 cats, please come visit Maddie, Buddy and Buster.
[Picture] 4/5/2018   [18-0715]   Myrna
DLH,  black/white,  Female spayed,  1 Yr  
OWNER TURN IN: Beauty is not all this cat has... Myrna loves treats! She will be eating out of your hand and allowing petting in no time. Myrna is responsive and has a likable personality. Just give her the time to adjust.
[Picture] 3/8/2018   [18-0675]   Makenna
Persian X,  black/white,  Female spayed,  6 yrs.  
What a personality! Affectionate, playful, quite the one of a kind marking on her face and would make a good indoor hunter! She doesn't particularly like other cats, lived with dogs, and would like a forever home.
[Picture] 3/7/2018   [18-0677]   Emelia
Domestic Short Hair,  torbie,  Female spayed,  9 yrs.  
OWNER TURN IN: Do you have a peaceful home for a bashful kitty? Emelia is searching for a place to call home, at first may be a bit frightened but quickly shows how much she really loves attention. She has lived with dogs and other cats.
[Picture] 1/17/2018   [18-6500]   Bunny
American Short Hair,  torbie,  Female spayed,  11 yrs.  
OWNER TURN IN: Bunny is disabled and will require a low profile home. She may lack the mobility BUT this girl is so friendly, loves to be held, great at detecting a stressful person and drools when happy! Wonderful girl!
[Picture] 1/17/2018   [18-0571]   Loretta
Bombay,  black,  Female spayed,  9 yrs.  
STRAY: Sunnyside Cemetery RD, Stevensville
Must have been an indoor kitty, friendly with people, good-natured, laid back lady who doesn't seem to be too upset in her new surroundings with the other cats. Come adopt Loretta!
[Picture] 1/17/2018   [18-0083]   Astair
American Short Hair,  grey tabby,  Male neutered,  10 yrs.  
Very affectionate Astair will sway you his way. Talkative, adores people. LOVES his treats! He does take a for-life medication and is getting healthier. Astair is a retired guy looking for a retirement home!
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