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As of 2/1/01 we now have a new policy whereby any animal over 4 months of age will have to go to the vet for sterilization before going to a new home. We will keep the animal with us until day of appointment, then deliver to the vet. The new owner will pick up the pet there.

Dogs - $75 includes microchipping.
Puppies - $80

Cats - $50
Kittens - $70

All animals have basic shots. DHLP-P and Bordatella for dogs & pups,
DRC or TRI-FV for cats & kittens.

All animals are also treated for roundworm when vaccinated.
Cats & kittens get ear mite treatment when vaccinated.

All adopted animals receive a free vet visit from our local Bitter Root Valley vets and 30 days FREE insurance on the adopted animal. Registration for the insurance is necessary for activation.

Printable Adoption Forms are available. Please print these, fill them out and mail or fax them to the Shelter. You may also copy, paste and return them
by e-mail to brhafront@bitterroothumane.org.

Bitter Root Humane Association
262 Fairgrounds Road
Hamilton, MT 59840

FAX:(406) 363-5311 (call first so the machine can be turned on)

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