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Most strays available after 4 days -- Most owner surrenders available after 24 hours

[Picture] 11/17/2017   [17-D6958]   Madeline
American Bulldog,  black/white,  Female spayed,  4 Yr  
Hello! My name is Madeline. Most call me Maddy and I love to play ball outside! I love my care takers, playing and hanging out with kids. I cannot wait to find the perfect forever home for me!
[Picture] 11/17/2017   [17-D6971]   Cisco
Chihuahua,  fawn/white,  Male neutered,  9 yrs.  
[Picture] 11/17/2017   [17-D6975]   Suki
Chihuahua,  fawn,  Female spayed,  3 Yr  
Hello! My name is Suki. I am a little shy at first, but once I again your trust I love to be carried around. I like playing with my play park pal out in the yard and eating my special wet food treats! I am looking for a quieter and laid back forever home to cuddle in for the yest of my life!
11/17/2017   [17-D6977]   Dynamite
Terrier,  gray,  Male neutered,  9 yrs.  
Hello! My name is Dynamite. My energy and attitude is explosive. I love everyone and especially being outside in the yard playing! I enjoy my chichi friends that I play next to in the yard. I am looking for the perfect forever home to run around in !
[Picture] 11/17/2017   [17-D6981]   Nala
Boxer X,  tan/white,  Female spayed,  Puppy  
OWNER TURN IN: Hello! My name is Nala. I am very cute a lot of people say although I am a little shy. I am very good in my kennel but, still need a little bit of leash training! I love playing with my playpark pal Nubis and think I'm the Queen. I would love a family type setting for my forever home with lots of room to run around!
[Picture] 11/17/2017   [17-D6980]   Nubis
Lab/Husky X,  yellow,  Male neutered,  2 Yr  
OWNER TURN IN: Hello! My name is Nubis. I love to play with Nala outside and cuddle up on my blanket at the end of the day. I am looking for the perfect home to call mine.
11/17/2017   [17-D6976]   Nova
American Pit Bull Terrier,  brindle,  Female spayed,  3 Yr  
OWNER TURN IN: Hello! My name is Nova. I love to go on walks and play in the yard here at the shelter. I love to get my treat at the end of the night and play with my toys. I am looking for the perfect forever home that is ready for all of my energy!
[Picture] 11/17/2017   [17-D6982]   Marvin
Bull Terrier,  brindle/white,  Male neutered,  8 yrs.  
OWNER TURN IN: Hello! My name is Marvin. I am new here at the shelter and got a bath and lots of treats! I will need a special grain free food because of allergies. I am looking for the perfect forever home to call mine without small children. I can't wait to find the perfect home for me!
11/17/2017   [17-D6978]   Diesel
Husky,  black/white,  Male neutered,  2 Yr  
Hello! My name is Diesel. I am a ball of energy here at the shelter! i love to be running around outside and playing ball. I am looking for the perfect active forever home with a big yard to play in!
[Picture] 11/17/2017   [17-D6845]   Brutus
Shepherd X,  brindle,  Male neutered,  Puppy  
OWNER TURN IN: Hello! My name is Brutus. I am the biggest out of the three of us. i am full over energy and love to be running outside. I am looking for the perfect forever home with a lot of room and lots of treat to call all my own!
[Picture] 11/17/2017   [17-D6844]   Sadie
Shepherd X,  brindle,  Female spayed,  Puppy  
OWNER TURN IN: Hello! My name is Sadie. I am the shyest of all three of us. I like to follow my brother and sister around everywhere and play. I love, love, love to play in the snow! i am looking for the perfect forever home with a lot of room to run!
[Picture] 11/17/2017   [17-D6843]   Sweet Tea
Shepherd X,  brindle/white,  Male,  Puppy  
Hello! My name is Sweet Tea. I am the escape artist of the whole clan! i love to run around and get a lot of attention. I love to play outside and be crazy with my brother and sister. I am looking for a high energy forever home with lots of room to run!
[Picture] 11/17/2017   [17-D6957]   Duke
American Pit Bull Terrier X,  brown/white,  Male neutered,  1 Yr  
OWNER TURN IN: Hello! My name is Duke. I am a very happy boy here at the shelter! I have many play park friends and love other dogs and to play fetch. I cant wait to find my forever home!
[Picture] 11/7/2017   [17-D6941]   Ruger
American Pit Bull Terrier,  black,  Female spayed,  9 Mo  
STRAY: Butte

[Picture] 10/20/2017   [17-D6934]   Hoss
Shepherd X,  brown,  Male neutered,  3 Yr  
OWNER TURN IN: Hello! My name is Hoss. I love to run around the yard and go on long walks where I can sniff and investigate till my heart can't anymore! I am looking for the perfect forever home to call my own!
[Picture] 10/19/2017   [17-D6900]   Dux
Miniature Pinscher,  black/tan,  Male neutered,  3 Yr  
OWNER TURN IN: Hello! My name is Dux. I love to run outside with all of my play park pals everyday. I love my bed and blankets and all my treats. I am looking for a calmer home with a little less excitement than normal to call mine!
[Picture] 10/14/2017   [17-Bruce]   Bruce
Hound X,  black/tan,  Male neutered,  Older Adult  
Courtesy Listing: Bruce is a geriatric old black and tan hound mutt, weighing in at 35 lbs. He is a spit fire. I can only imagine what he was like in his younger days as he appears to be older than dirt today and still raring to go. Seriously guys, he's old. This little old man has to be the product of a lot of neglect because he knows a whole lot of nothing, unless you count getting incredibly excited at dinner time as a talent. Which I do. He's incredibly gifted. Here's what we know for sure. Bruce was picked up as a stray in Utah. They thought he was dying as he was skin and bones. He was brought to the shelter and given a bath and some food. Well it turns out that he is not, in fact dying. He was just really hungry (he's been given a clean bill of health). 11th House Rescue of Dillon, MT found out he was going to be euthanized due to over-crowding in the shelter and the rest, as they say, is history. Bruce is not potty trained, he does not know how to sit, stay or come. He is almost completely deaf and maybe just a little bit near sighed. He is also balding a bit (on his bum), as old men are wont to do (I suppose old men typically bald at the other end but Bruce is an old man like no other and he refuses to be bound by the rules of nature, or anyone else for that matter). He has only moderate garbage breath and does not know how to properly kick a hind leg when his bum is scratched right. Instead of waggling a leg he dances back and forth and has what appears to be an epileptic seizure of the hind end only. Once he's wound himself up good and proper he takes off running, leaving you scratching thin air. As I said before, Bruce is bound by no man's rules and as such he will have his butt scratched his own way. Bruce also did not know how to chew a bone -- presumably due to having never been offered such meaty goodness before. We remedied that, though. He's now an accomplished bone connoisseur. And holy cow is he DIRTY. I gave him a bath but his choice of sleeping arrangements render bathing null and void. He is the proud owner of a grade A, top notch, insulated doggie house (seriously, it weighs a ton) complete with luxury bedding. He sleeps in the dirt. Bruce is an asshole -- but one must respect his laissez-faire asshole-itude. Living by no man's rules is a dirty job. Here's what Bruce does well; being Bruce. I have to believe that Old Brucie would do just as well being Bruce inside as he would outside if someone were willing to teach him the ways of the indoor dog. He would certainly put his own spin on things but that's to be expected. Old Brucie loves people, cats and dogs but not as much as he loves dinner. Or breakfast for that matter. He has a limp in the front end and obvious arthritis that he takes supplements for, but if you ask he'll say, "What arthritis?". He doesn't believe in pain or anything else that might slow a lesser dog down. He is neutered and has recently had a most successful appointment with the dentist. He will have another bath before you come meet him, but I'm not promising it'll stick. Located in Dillon, MT. Call, text or email Ali for more info. 860-336-7555 11thhouseanimalrescue@gmail.com
[Picture] 10/14/2017   [17-Paisley]   Paisley
Pit Bull X,  black/white,  Female spayed,  4 Yr  
Courtesy Listing: Paisley is the Pibble Princess love of my life. If it were in her best interest she would live happily ever after with me, drowning in a snuggle puddle of love until the end of her days. Alas, it isn't meant to be. Paisley happens not to be an ordinary princess but a warrior princess. A 4 year old gladiator. 45 pounds of raw muscle and unconditional Pibble love. Squirrels fear her if they know what's good for them. Having only a moderate energy level (and a definite prey drive) she doesn't need gobs of exercise, but she excels with a walk every day, the occasional hike (she loves to run short distances next to a four wheeler), and something to do with her brain. She is a straight A student, people! That's brawn AND brains, which is more than I can say for most people (just kidding -- but seriously). Paisley is a dream in the house. With all the courtly manners of a princess, don't let her gladiator facade fool you. As long as she gets her moderate exercise she will pour tea neatly and drink it with a pinky up -- that is, if she had a pinky. She knows sit, down, stay, kennel, bath, leave it (no), come and wait. She would love to learn more. Especially if there's cookies involved. She is spayed. Here's the catch -- she's a gladiator, I mentioned the squirrels, remember? Paisley is cat reactive and dog selective. Good with all people, she WILL chase livestock. She is currently living (and doing it well) with 3 other dogs and 8 cats, 4 horses, 4 chickens and a turkey. As long as I'm with her she is trustworthy, but she needs a firm leader (not someone who wants to dominate, but someone who wants to understand who she is and accept it, along with the responsibilities of providing her structure and stimulation). I do not leave Paisley home alone with the other animals unless she is in her kennel, which she loves. Paisley also sleeps in her kennel and at about ten o clock will put herself to bed. She requires that you tuck her in, snug as a bug, before you close her door. You must also tell her she's a perfect Pibble Princess and kiss her head. I will be sure to instruct you in the proper technique when you come meet her. She is a hikers dream and she LOVES to play with other dogs -- HARD. She plays like a small furry wrecking ball which is her biggest problem, because if a dog doesn't want to play and nips at her in warning she will just as soon play as get into a tussle. It's all about expending the energy for her -- gladiators love to spar and she is no exception. She has gotten into arguments in front of me and it has not been difficult for me to break it up. This is why I say exercise is a must, though. Pibs are intense dogs, and with that intensity comes responsibility for their guardians. They are not a breed for everyone, and certainly not for the faint of heart, but for someone willing to give a piece of their heart, they will give everything. Paisley is a perfect example of this, and for that reason, and to do credit to my love for her and for this breed, I will say goodbye. Paisley deserves to be your everything, as you will be hers. This small, furry nugget of gold will happily die for the ones she loves and in return I will require clarity of understanding and respect for who and what she is in her guardian. I cannot safely give her the freedom that is her right while she remains in a house full of others who might be vulnerable to her more primal urges, which means all that's left to me is to offer her up to someone who's in a position to house her more suitably than I. So the time has come and my loss is your gain. I give you a piece of my heart, as this dog will surely take it with her when she leaves. Paisley is located in Dillon, MT. Call, text or email Ali for info. 860-336-7555 11thhouseanimalrescue@gmail.com
[Picture] 10/10/2017   [17-D6916]   Jessi
Shepherd X,  brown,  Male neutered,  10 yrs.  
Hello! My name is Jessi. I am a little calmer than these younger pups around here lately. I love to just hangout outside with my care takers and go on walks with them. I am looking for a forever home with an extra comfy dog bed or your bed to live out my days on.
[Picture] 10/10/2017   [17-D6919]   Zeus
Shepherd X,  white,  Male neutered,  1 Yr  
OWNER TURN IN: Hello! My name is Zeus. I am fun loving and crazy and looking for a house with a BIG yard or a family that loves to go hiking. I am very energetic and can't wait to let my happy self rub off on an awesome forever family!
[Picture] 10/4/2017   [17-D6910]   Dutchess
Boxer X,  brindle,  Female spayed,  2 Yr  
Hello! My name is Dutchess. Pup full of energy and love is exactly how most would describe me. I love being outside and playing with my care takers while being all around wild! I am looking for a forever home with a big yard and lots of room to be myself. I cannot wait to find the loving forever home for me!
[Picture] 9/27/2017   [17-D6890]   Bruno
APBT X,  red/white,  Male neutered,  2 Yr  
Hello! My name is Bruno. I am looking for a awesome forever home with a big yard and someone that is willing to let me give them lots of kisses. I have lived with other dogs and would be willing to see if we get along and would be a perfect fit. I can't wait to find my forever home with the perfect family and as Bruno Mars would say " That's what I like".
[Picture] 9/27/2017   [17-D6882]   Tiva
Rottweiler,  black/tan,  Female spayed,  2 Yr  
OWNER TURN IN: Hello! My name is Tiva. I am a fun loving younger little girl and love, love, love to play outside! I get so excited to go outside and run around and would love a big yard with a high fence to play in everyday. I have lived with other dogs before and would be willing to meet your pups to see if our forever home would be perfect together.
[Picture] 8/24/2017   [17-D6838]   Jaxs
Lab X,  black,  Male neutered,  8 yrs.  
OWNER TURN IN: Hello! My name is Jaxs. I am currently working on slimming my body down with lots of walks and ball playing. Don't let my size shy you away because I am willing to keep up with you and your family. I am looking for a forever home where I can be the only dog although I am willing to try and meet other dogs to see if we could be friends. Can't wait to meet you!
[Picture] 8/9/2017   [17-D6808]   Mia
Rottweiler/Husky X,  black/tan,  Male neutered,  4 Yr  
Hello! My name is Mia. When I first arrived at the shelter I was very unsure about everything in life, but my true colors have began to shine! I am fun loving and love to give you as much love as you will let me. I sometimes forget my size and always want to be a lap dog. I would enjoy a home with no other animals and no very young children. Please stop by an see as I am ready to go home as soon as the perfect home finds me!
[Picture] 7/28/2017   [17-Rustea]   Rustea
Rhodesian Ridgeback X,  red/tan/black,  Male neutered,  5 yrs.  
Hello! My name is Rustea. I am a loving dog that is looking to be spoiled for the rest of my life with treats, toys and beds. I am a little nervous around other dogs and would really prefer to be in a forever home by myself. I love my blankets and my toys and do not go anywhere without my white bone.
[Picture] 7/12/2017   [17-D6746]   Gidgit
Chihuahua,  tan/white,  Female spayed,  8 yrs.  
OWNER TURN IN: Gidgit is a fun loving little girl that is full of life. She loves to run around with her brother Jr. and eat treats. She is very loyal and loves to be carried around. Gidgit would thrive in a home with a lot of attention and lap time!
[Picture] 7/12/2017   [17-D6745]   Junior
Chihuahua,  brown/white,  Male neutered,  8 yrs.  
OWNER TURN IN: Junior is an energetic senior man. He can be shy at first, but after he warms up he won't want to share you with anyone else. His sister Gidgit is his absolute best friend and he refuses to do anything without her! Lap time and treats are in full demand in JR's forever home!
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