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Hound X  Color: black/tan
Male neutered, Older Adult
Courtesy Listing: Bruce is a geriatric old black and tan hound mutt, weighing in at 35 lbs. He is a spit fire. I can only imagine what he was like in his younger days as he appears to be older than dirt today and still raring to go. Seriously guys, he's old. This little old man has to be the product of a lot of neglect because he knows a whole lot of nothing, unless you count getting incredibly excited at dinner time as a talent. Which I do. He's incredibly gifted. Here's what we know for sure. Bruce was picked up as a stray in Utah. They thought he was dying as he was skin and bones. He was brought to the shelter and given a bath and some food. Well it turns out that he is not, in fact dying. He was just really hungry (he's been given a clean bill of health). 11th House Rescue of Dillon, MT found out he was going to be euthanized due to over-crowding in the shelter and the rest, as they say, is history. Bruce is not potty trained, he does not know how to sit, stay or come. He is almost completely deaf and maybe just a little bit near sighed. He is also balding a bit (on his bum), as old men are wont to do (I suppose old men typically bald at the other end but Bruce is an old man like no other and he refuses to be bound by the rules of nature, or anyone else for that matter). He has only moderate garbage breath and does not know how to properly kick a hind leg when his bum is scratched right. Instead of waggling a leg he dances back and forth and has what appears to be an epileptic seizure of the hind end only. Once he's wound himself up good and proper he takes off running, leaving you scratching thin air. As I said before, Bruce is bound by no man's rules and as such he will have his butt scratched his own way. Bruce also did not know how to chew a bone -- presumably due to having never been offered such meaty goodness before. We remedied that, though. He's now an accomplished bone connoisseur. And holy cow is he DIRTY. I gave him a bath but his choice of sleeping arrangements render bathing null and void. He is the proud owner of a grade A, top notch, insulated doggie house (seriously, it weighs a ton) complete with luxury bedding. He sleeps in the dirt. Bruce is an asshole -- but one must respect his laissez-faire asshole-itude. Living by no man's rules is a dirty job. Here's what Bruce does well; being Bruce. I have to believe that Old Brucie would do just as well being Bruce inside as he would outside if someone were willing to teach him the ways of the indoor dog. He would certainly put his own spin on things but that's to be expected. Old Brucie loves people, cats and dogs but not as much as he loves dinner. Or breakfast for that matter. He has a limp in the front end and obvious arthritis that he takes supplements for, but if you ask he'll say, "What arthritis?". He doesn't believe in pain or anything else that might slow a lesser dog down. He is neutered and has recently had a most successful appointment with the dentist. He will have another bath before you come meet him, but I'm not promising it'll stick. Located in Dillon, MT. Call, text or email Ali for more info. 860-336-7555
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